Bringing you closer to what matters

We provide solution to all your knitwear manufacturing needs. We take stringent care to monitor the quality very closely with our experienced team.

Create a new standard

Our in-house fabric processing and finishing company
is GOTS compliant with capacity up to 15 tons/day
are our  key advantages which helps us to control the
quality and time.  We are very proud to have collaborated
with  suppliers having compliances like SEDEX, 
Primark approved, OEKO-TEX, GOTS, etc to achieve
the perfect requirement of our buyers at the right time. 

Our advantages


We track the global market environment, demand supply movements and the future trends to be prepared for spontaneous decision making.


Our strong relationship with the third party suppliers over the years personally ensures peace of mind and ease of business for you.

Price Benifit

We are connected with multiple suppliers for every component to ensure healthy price competition.


You’ll be entitled to various advantages and full support from us in every stages of the garment manufacturing. We don’t want be your namesake sourcing partner but to provide full support in all your sourcing needs and to begin a win-win partnership.

Delivery Timeliness

Our in-house fabric company allows us to control the delivery timeline as the fabric compromises 75% of the time to process the order. We thoroughly understand and are aware of the importance of delivery timeline and we prepare a detailed T&A plan at the very beginning to aim to deliver before the agreed timeline.


We implement a carefully crafted logistic plan for effectual, smooth flow,and timely delivery with our logistic partners. Our experienced team enables us to establish an effective and comprehensive supply chain management system.

Who we are

Our team consists of people with experience over 25 years in the apparel sourcing and manufacturing industry who are capable of managing the complex supply chain with ease. Our team possess sound technical knowledge where we never settle for less. We do indepth and inline inspection to professionally monitor the quality standards and testing to meet your requirements.

The 3R Strategy

Right Price

Our close collaboration with our suppliers enables us to bring the best value to our customers which ensures Right Price.

Right Product

We understand the latest technology, new trends, building relationships and giving shape to providing Right product.

Right Time

Our experienced team and our manufacturing facility enables us to provide the order at the Right time.

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